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A brand new, fully funtional Witcher 3 quest adventure with rewards and voiced dialogues.

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Geralt got aware about the existence of some household he never been to, located just at the northern border of the Duchy. First thoughts of a witcher - is there any job for me? Geralt had to find out.

Please, before installing this quest, consider to DL and install the following DLC Toussaint Extended. This is very simple, but crucial as otherwise correct function of this mod cannot be guaranteed, including being able to reach the quest location as it is placed outside the vanilla borders!

How to play:

Once installed, after you load the savegame you will get an instant notification about a new quest "Endagered Vacation". Once you follow it, you will see a mappin leading you to the new vineyard/household. From there, you will manage to find everything on your own :-) 
Just in case, I've included the map with the exact location. Have fun!

In order to install:

1) Go to and install it to your DLC folder;
2) Simply unzip the contents of the included .zip into your "Witcher 3" game directory.

Known issues:

Unfortunately, at this moment I didn't manage to edit the minimap and add all the presented features on the map. Hopeful to do this some day, but the ammount of time to do this currently exceeds the effect that it would do. There's no trouble in navigation anyways, as mappins would always guide you through. If you feel like helping this mod by fixing this - I'd be happy to cooperate!


Currently, only english version available. However, it can be manually translated to all of the supported languages, see string files in dlc folder.


rmemr and erxv: for developing the amazing radish modding tools which made this possible, as well as for accompanying through the development process;
wiggolp, nikich340, ScoutBr0 and jatodude1: for all the invaluable help and tips!
Jameeeesh: voiceover for the questgiver!