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I must be crazy that I am doing this...

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Hi, after years in this community, I want to tell you something:
1) Modders do work voluntarily and for free for you, so they probably deserve a little respect.
2) "Please" and "thanks" are magic words. "Endorse" is a clickable button.
3) When you treat modders like your servants and just keep asking for something, you only get the modders to stop publishing their work (as many good modders have already done) and you don't get anything.

It often happens to me that someone wants me to make a mod for him that has nothing to do with my other mods. So I thought I would make a place to collect these mods on request.
If you want anything from me, ask here.

I am not accepting any more requests! I have a job from you for at least a few months. :-D

1) I will not make any mods related to other mods.
2) I will not make any new 3d models.
3) Please formulate your requirements clearly and decently. I'm not going to figure out what you really want.
4) Before you ask, make sure the mod you want to request does not exist. There have been a lot of such requests.
5) If I don't want to, I won't do anything. So don't be surprised if I just say "no".
6) If you are happy with my work, you can support me with "Endorse" and/or "Donate".

Put modRequestMod to mods folder.
If something goes wrong, give my mod higher priority or merge it for avoid mod limit.

abelmanlosa24's Toussaint Knight's steel sword ( additem('Toussaint steel sword 3') )
- 900 base damage
- 100% chance to freeze
- other base stats

RevanFanMan's "Crossbow 7" ( additem('Crossbow 7') )
- witcher gear
- +30 armor piercing
- +225 attack power
- +15 experience from monsters
- +10% critical hit chance
- +5% adrenaline gain

Death2030's Grandmaster Wolven swords and Bear crossbow
- Bear crossbow is part of Wolven set and counts to it
- Grandmaster Wolven steel sword looks like Mastercrafted Wolven steel sword
- Grandmaster Wolven silver sword looks like Wolven steel sword

Mojenator's Grandmaster Cat armor
- T5 Cat armor model changed to the Kaer Morhen starting armor, excluding the gauntlets, which look like T2 Cat gauntlets

GloriosoMutandoneblu2's blue Igni
- I tried to make it all blue, but it didn't look good, so it's only partially blue
- color is changed only in basic effect

Recommended mods:
The Witcher 3 Mod Manager (must have)
Script Merger (must have)
Mod limit fix (must have)
Item Levels Normalized (Items stay at your level - must have mod for me)
Sword FX (set your own runes and other effects on your swords)
Very nice characters and animals and very underrated, so be nice and support this work

My mods for DoW Soulstorm:

My mods for Witcher 3:


Big thanks to CD PROJEKT RED and Andrzej Sapkowski for best games and best novels in this world.
Also thanks to: for
Sarcen for his awesome W3Edit
xtcislove for his Quick Modding Tool V2.1
my employer for money
my girlfriend for patience with me
and my cat for her cuteness

In the end I apologize for my English.
I'm from Czech Republic, so if you can and want, then speak Czech with me.