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A mod that changes the stats of the Caretaker's Spade to make it a viable end-game choice, but without breaking the game.

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The Caretaker's Spade is one of the best looking and most unique weapons in the whole game, but the developers made it ridiculously weak to be viable...
So I decided to make some changes on it's effects to make it a viable end-game choice without being too powerful.

The stats:
• 10% Life steal - vanilla effect
• +300 Armor pierce - a very common trait for axes and some swords
• +150% Critical Damage - This heavy shovel needed to hit a bit harder
• +40% Critical Chance - Same  as above ^
• +15% Bleeding Chance - Such a rusty weapon should really apply some bloodloss
• +5% Dismember Chance - A heavy shovel like this would hit hard enought to cut off some arms and legs for sure!

The numbers may seem a bit high, but remember: You cannot oil or enchant this weapon!

Conflicts: This mod will for sure conflict with other mods that change the Caretaker's Spade stats.
Other than that you should have no issues. But always run the Script Merger to be sure.