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Disables the bloom/brightness effect on the environment while you cast Igni.

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Very simple mod that disables the bloom effect that appears while you cast Igni. I've seen some people wanted it disabled since it can be blinding while using some lighting mods.

I've made 3 versions:

1) for vanilla igni: you use this if you're not using any of my lightsource versions. YES you can use any mod that changes how Igni looks (w2p mods). If that mod also changes the pc_igni.w2ent file, then you can't use it.

2) for lightsource igni: you use this if youre using my lightsource version from here.

3) for lightsource 2013 igni: you use this if youre using my 2013 lightsource igni from here.

Unpack into your mods folder (make sure the folder youre putting into your mods folder has a content folder inside of it) and give priority to this mod over the others. The naming should already do the trick (mod000xx.....) but just FYI in case you're using mod.settings file.