The Witcher 3

About this mod

Modpack with detailed installation instructions.

Permissions and credits

Hello everyone, I'm the same player as you, who was search for mods for my favorite game to make it even better.

    I spent on searching, installing and checking modifications to the Witcher 3 for about a year.

    And finally, I put together my modpack that will transform your game!

    I created 4 PDF files with links to modifications and clear instructions for installing them.
    Everything is simple and pleasing to the eye.

    (I did this so as not to infringe copyright.)


      By the way, I was advised by the HD Monsters Reworked mod and KNG's ULTRA BLOOM MODS
      I also recommend them for installation!
      But I can’t say whether they will conflict with other mods from my list. Therefore, install and verify them last.

      U.P.D The user caoku32 gave useful advice on how to fix the appearance of yellow flowers everywhere, just set the priority of the Meadows mod higher than that of HDRP.


    You can view PDF files directly in the browser! just by dragging them into the empty tab of your browser. In this case, it will be free and easy.


    This mod has no conflicts, I can say that everything "works out of the box".
    You only need to install them in a certain sequence from one parth to another.

    You can see more details about installing each of the mods in a PDF file.

    The only thing I want to clarify is that after installing one mod, I
    recommend starting the game, checking for possible errors in merging
    scripts (if you have any), loading the save, then leaving the game and
    continuing with the installation of the next mod.

    After installing the entire modpack, the first launch of the game can be about
    20-30 seconds. Just wait when the script check starts or the game itself.