The Witcher 3
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This mod automatically changes Philippa's vanilla appearance to an alternative appearance when she's on Avallach's ship and afterward.

Permissions and credits
This mod automatically changes Philippa's vanilla appearance to an alternative appearance, complete with new hairstyle and accessories, when she's on Avallach's ship and afterward.

There are also various bug fixes for both vanilla and alternative appearances, including:
  • Added missing legs and shoes.
  • Increased autoHideDistance and renderLOD of all Philippa's related body parts, costumes, and hair.
  • Fixed (or hide) neck seam, as best as I could.
  • Fixed arms shading color mismatched.
  • Fixed some hair clippings.

Special thanks Julia Barcelos for allowing me to use her beautiful Philippa New Style design. If you like this mod, be sure to head over to her page and download/endorse her mod, too!

This mod is compatible with any costume mod that uses assets replacement (ie. Philippa New Face) but won't be compatible with character entity edit mods and DLC-style mods. This mod can be used with or without my Base Appearances Special Expansion mod.

  1. Install mod limit fix to prevent infinite loading.
  2. Remove any old version of this mod you have installed, if any.
  3. Extract the T1 (or T2, etc) and put the dlcDCPhilippa_XXXXX folder inside Witcher 3/dlc and modsDCPhilippa_XXXXX folder inside Witcher 3/mods.
  4. Use Script Merger to merge any conflict.
  5. Turn the mod on or off in the Gameplay options (see pic). Reminder: You can only do this before you load any save file.

Which dlcDCPhiippa_XXXXX folder should I use? (install as many as you want together, but only 1 should be toggle ON ingame at a time).
Transition T1: vanilla costume to New Style by Julia Barcelos (dlcDCPhilippa_VanillaToNewStyle).
Transition TX: More future alternative costumes!

  1. Remove modDCPhilippa_XXXXX, if any, in Witcher 3/mods and the dlcDCPhilippa_XXXXX folder in Witcher 3/dlc.
  2. If you have any bugged appearance after removing the mod, just make a new save and reload it, fast travel to another continent and back, and she should revert back to vanilla appearance.