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Adds 3D eyebrows to Geralt's face. Vanilla, DLC2Improved and Modular Eyes fully supported.

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A lot of characters have 3D eyebrows in this game and I always wondered why Geralt did not have the right for such treatment.
So, I used avallac'h eyebrows and end up with this. I kinda like the result as it gives more relief to the character. Second version using young olgierd eyebrows as a base.
DLC2Improved is fully supported.
Designed using Total loss of pigmentation as a reference, so I have no idea how it would look with other face textures. (In term of placement, because the color is not a problem as you can simply do a recolor mod). 
The version shown in the screenshots of the V1 is actually slightly whiter and comes from my white recolor optional from DLC2Improved.

If someone knows how to edit the player entity and to actually see the changes applied in-game and not only in the inventory, that would be really nice as it could make this mod way easier and quicker to make, conflict-free, and applied to whatever the custom head you are using without having to edit each entity manually.