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Triss Hairworks + is primarily a new hairstyle for Triss created using Nvidia Hairworks.

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This mod is primarily a new hairstyle for Triss created using Nvidia Hairworks. It also contains other minor cosmetic additions and/or changes. I created this hairstyle using rmemr's Radish modding tools to improve my particle system skills and learn how to author Hairworks assets. It wasn't originally planned to be a mod, but some users were interested so I decided to publish it.

Patch Notes

V 1.0 06-09-20

Added to Nexus.

Includes new Hairworks hairstyle for Triss.

Includes new hair-card style eyebrows for Triss. This means the eyebrows "stand-out" as real geometry instead of a flat 2d texture.

Compatibility, Issues, and Bugs

THW+ is going to be a crap-shoot at best for mod compatibility. As of 1.0 only vanilla and Triss Appearance Overhaul are supported officially. I can add support for the official DLC if there's interest for me to do so. That doesn't mean other mods won't work, but it depends on how they are set up. Any mod that uses the vanilla hair file path will be compatible. Textures are more difficult. Since Triss' hairline and hair-part are dramatically changed, I've included all new diffuse and tintmask textures. This means you will have to choose between your texture mods with a terrible hairline, or mine with the patched hair texture.

If Triss is bald, you need to turn on Hairworks in the game menu. I haven't tested the mod in gameplay very much, but I have noticed in cutscenes it can be a little strange. When the camera cuts often times the hair seems to have been struck by wind, this is Hairworks correctly reacting to what happens to the character when out of frame.

Please keep in mind Hairworks is EXTREMELY resource intensive. If your framerate already dips below the locked framerate, expect massive FPS dips when Triss is on screen. I use an RTX 2070 and typically play at 1440p at locked 60fps, and ONE Triss on screen does not cause issues. Your mileage may vary. Keep in mind that Hairworks physics simulation is tied to the game frame-rate, meaning low fps causes Hairworks to look awful.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or major issues!

Overwritten Assets

Potential spoiler warning! Here is an exact list of the assets that will be overwritten.

Triss HW+

Triss HW+ Eyebrows


Q: Why is Triss bald?
A: Turn on Hairworks in the game menu.

Q: How dare you change my digital waifu. Why would you do this?
A: If you comment this or any variation, I will immediately ban you from all of my content forever.

Q: What is the logo/banner image?
A: The exact same assets rendered with Blender cycles.

Q: Can you do hairworks for _________  NPC?
A: No.
Q: What if I pay you $10?
A: Making a good Hairworks asset takes at least 10 hours. It's not worth my time.


Installation is very easy and you can install/uninstall without any corruption/changes to your base game files.

1. Download ZIP file from this page.

2. Extract ZIP file.

3. Be sure to delete/backup previous versions.

4. Place any "modTrissHW" folders into your Mods folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\Mods) for Steam.

5. Enjoy!

To uninstall, drag and drop each folder out of your Witcher 3 directory.

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