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Hang "Thank You Card" from Millie in Corvo Bianco

Permissions and credits
Makes "Thank You Card" a hangable item.

It also allows you to open "Thank You Card" from the inventory to see the bigger image.

My original plan was to add a lot more pictures, but I don't see that coming in the near future. Feel free to build upon this mod (check out the "Permissions and credits" section).

Btw item ID for Thank You Card is mq1058_drawing.

Place modMoreStuffOnMyWall in the mods folder, and dlcMoreStuffOnMyWall in the DLC folder.

If the mod doesn't work, that's probably because of a conflict with some other mod. In that case, you could try the NoTags version. More info at the bottom.

Modded paintings remain on the wall after you remove the mod, but become invisible. You should be able to take them down with no problem, assuming that you remember where they are hanged. It may be a better idea to take them down first.

Potential Conflicts
Mods that edit these files will cause a conflict:
  • dlc\bob\data\gameplay\interactive_objects\paintings\painting_slot.w2ent

Solvable with Script Merger:
  • game\gameplay\interactive\

Use NoTags if these files cause a conflict:
  • dlc\dlc15\data\gameplay\items\def_item_dlc15_items.xml
  • dlc\dlc15\data\gameplay\items_plus\def_item_dlc15_items.xml

No Tags
If you want to try the NoTags version you will need to install Item Tag Editor and debug console.

Select the item in the inventory, open the debug console, and type:

- For Thank You Card:
  • addTag(Painting)
  • addTag(mq7024_picture)

Before you remove my mod, if you ever plan to do that, you should probably remove these tags because I think they are remembered in the save.