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Adds scissors that enable you to cut your beard just a little, reverting it only by 1 beard growth stage.

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Have you ever thought how cool it would be to be able to keep "that one" beard look that fits your Geralt so much, but also you don't want to take yourself out of the experience to type in console commands? Do you want something more immersive ? Well, do I have a solution for you!

Introducing Immersive Beard Trimming

This mod adds scissors item to the game. Scissors allow you trim your beard i.e. revert its growth by one stage. This allows for more realistic and immersive experience with maintaining your beard as you'll be able to regularly trim it. If you use scissors when having a special beard/mustache, it'll be set back to naturally grown beard.

Patch 1.1
Added better handling for special beard styles. Now if you use scissors when having a beard style that can't be naturally grown, Geralt will get clean shaved.
Also tweaked scissors' weight and inventory icon and added Polish strings.

How can I obtain scissors?
Scissors are sold by most merchants, traders and also NPCs like Sjusta and Elihal.
Scissors are stored in "Others" inventory tab.

How do I use them?
Simply double click / hit 'E' on keyboard / hit 'A' on a controller when selecting scissors in your inventory.

Eighter use Mod Manager or drop the stuff from DLC to <witcher3folder>\dlc and stuff from Mods to <witcher3folder>\Mods.
Merge scripts with Script Merger if needed.

This mod should be fully compatible with any other mod as the implementation of scissors item was done through DLC method.

Any feedback on possible mod improvements is welcome :)

Special thanks to TheBloke and rfuzzo for helping out with troubleshooting and advices about DLC creation.