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Adds beard and hair grooming accessories, which allow for quick, semi-realistic adjustment of Geralt's facial look.

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  • Russian
Immersive Beard Trimming

This mod adds beard and hair grooming accessories, which allow for quick, semi-realistic adjustment of Geralt's facial look. These accessories include scissors, hair tie and hair and beard growth tonics. 

  • Scissors item - new item that allows you to trim your beard by one growth stage or shorten your hair.
  • Minimalisitc hair length mechanic - mod uses vanilla haircuts to simulate the progression of Geralt's hair growth.
  • Hair Tie item - when equipped or unequipped will change hair variant either to "tied" or "untied" resprectfully
  • Beard Growth Tonic potion- when consumed will advance beard growth stage by 1 (unless beard is already full length)
  • Hair Growth Tonic potion - when consumed will change hair to "long" variant (unless it's already long)

  • Scissors are sold by most merchants, traders and also NPCs like Sjusta and Elihal.
  • Scissors are stored in "Other" inventory tab
  • To use scissors press the 'use' key on them ('E' by default).
  • Using scissors on vanilla growable beard will result with it being shortened by one growth stage
  • Using scissors on DLC non-growable hair will revert it directly to "clean shaved" stage
  • You can change scissors' mode by selecting them in the menu and pressing 'X' (input key helper is displayed at the bottom of the screen). The available modes are "Beard" and "Hair". The mode is displayed in scissors item tooltip information when you hover over the item with your mouse.
  • Using scissors on a modded hair item (one that was added as DLC and not replacement) won't do anything.
  • Currently there are 4 variants of hair that this mod distinguishes and only vanilla hairstyles are used - short tied ( configurable in menu to "Shaved Except for a Pony Tail" or ''Shaved on the Sides, Short on Top, and a Pony Tail''), short untied ( configurable in menu to "Loose, Not Too Long" or "The Elven Rebel Cut"), long tied (hardcoded to "Loosely Gathered, Tied Behind the Head") and long untied (hardcoded to "Long and Loose").

  • Hair ties are sold by most merchants, traders and also NPCs like Sjusta and Elihal.
  • Hair tie is stored in the same tab as other "usable" items such as torch
  • Hair tie can be equipped either in quick slot or if you have Accessory Slot Mod installed in accessory slot.
  • Hair tie will update the current hairstyle only when you equip or unequip it and if the current hair variant isn't the target one already (equiping the tie on hair qualified as "tied" won't do nothing)

  • Tonics are sold by herbalists and alchemists
  • Beard and hair growth tonics are stored in the same inventory tab as other potions
  • To consume the potion simply drink it in the inventory. Tonics are not equippable.
  • Mod will prevent you from using tonics if they wouldn't change anything (e.g. if beard is full length)

  • Mod is available out of the box with English and Polish language support.
  • If you want to quickly test out this mod's features with console commands look for them in modBeardTrimming\content\scripts\local\ImmersiveBeardTrimmingExecs.ws

  •  v1.1.0
Added better handling for special beard styles. Now if you use scissors when having a beard style that can't be naturally grown, Geralt will get clean shaved.
Also tweaked scissors' weight and inventory icon and added Polish strings.
  •  v2.0.0
Rewrote the mod and added more functionalities.
Added hair length mechanic.
Added hair tie.
Added use mode feature for scissors.
Added mod menu for configuring hairstyles used for "short" hair variants.
  •  v2.1.0
Added hair and beard growth tonics.
  •  v2.1.1
Fixed updated hairstyle not being set correctly in the inventory, which could lead to it not being preserved in save.
  •  v2.1.2
Fixed hair tie not working when using controller.

Either use Mod Manager or drop contents of the archive to your Witcher 3 main directory (the stuff inside DLC to <witcher3folder>\dlc, stuff inside Mods to <witcher3folder>\Mods and stuff inside from bin to <witcher3folder>\bin).
Merge scripts with Script Merger if needed.

Should merge automatically with popular mods such as Ghost Mode, Friendly HUD and FriendlyStash. If you have a mod that heavily modifies GUI code on the witcherscript side, it may not work.
Vanilla scripts modified by the mod:

Mod currently does not support hairstyles added by DLC2 Improved mod.

If you're migrating from version 1.0
Due to heavy rewrites if you had any scissors from this mod in your inventory with previous mod version they will be gone and you will have to buy them again or add through console with additem('ibt_scissors').

You can find localisation strings CSV files on the git repository of my mod in "strings" folder.

Bug reporting
If you spot a bug or unwanted behaviour resulting from this mod first check if it's this mod that is causing this. If it does create a bug report with instuctions on how to recreate the bug. Reports just saying stuff like "my game doesn't work properly" will be ignored.

Special thanks to TheBloke and rfuzzo for helping out with troubleshooting and advices about DLC creation.
Also big thanks to members of The Wolven Workshop community for support in making this tiny mod of mine.

Git repository of the mod