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Have you grown tired of listening to the same music in Skellige? Have you ever watched Vikings or Last Kingdom and thought to yourself, hey, that would match perfectly with Skellige? Then this is the mod for you. This mod replaces nearly every track in Skellige with music from Vikings and The Last Kingdom in order to create that Viking age feel.

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Version 1.0

General Description:

Replaces music from every region of Skellige with songs used in the soundtracks of Vikings and The Last Kingdom
to better create a Viking age atmosphere

This mod replaces everything from exploration tracks, to combat tracks, as well as all taverns in the game.

All changes made in this mod will only affect Skellige with the exception being taverns. Because of this there will be 2 variants that you are able to install. One of them being the full version (with taverns included), and one with vanilla taverns.

Note: This is not compatible with other music mods because they edit the same file. If you want to use this mod for Skellige but other music mods for other regions you will simply have to swap them out.

For a detailed list of what songs were replaced look down below


Extract the zipped file into your The Witcher 3/mods folder. That's it.


Delete the "modSkelligeMusicOverhaul" from your mods folder.

List of all song replacements:
Careful for spoilers in the song names if you haven't seen either show

Ard Skellig:

King Bran's Funeral - Helig from The Last Kingdom

General Exploration - Livstraeorir from The Last Kingdom

Combat - Battle of Brothers from Vikings

Kaer Trolde Interior - My England from The Last Kingdom

Night Time Exploration - Reflections on a Hero from Vikings

Village Exploration - The Last Kingdom from The Last Kingdom


General Exploration - The Vikings Are Told of Ragnar's Death from Vikings

Freya's Garden Exploration - Danheim & Gealdýr - Ragnarök

Combat - Forest Battle from Vikings


General Exploration - Destiny is All from The Last Kingdom

Combat - Blood Moon from The Last Kingdom


General Exploration - Sol

Combat - Helvegen from Wardruna

An Skellig:

General Exploration - My England from The Last Kingdom

Combat - Fehu from Wardruna


General Exploration - Laukr from Wardruna

Combat - The Walls are Breached; The French Lose Hope from Vikings

Universally used:

Monster hunting\combat - Jarl Borg Attacks Kattegat from Vikings

Cave Exploration - Blood Eagle from Vikings


Ivar's Revenge from Danheim

Helvegen from Wardruna

Raido from Wardruna

Isa from Wardruna

Thank You:

Massive thank you to IvarTheAesir for working on this mod with me, as well as Cloud and the rest of the Cloud Gang 2.0 Reformed discord for the endless song recommendations to use! Also thank you to robx99 for his amazing tutorial on how to do this. This mod wouldn't have been possible without it.