The Witcher 3
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Gives Regis the option of a new cloak, glasses, and outfit.

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This is a simple outfit replacer mod for Regis using ModKit.

"I've usually taken the equivalent of a good saddle horse for an ordinary vampire. But you, after all, are not ordinary."

"How much?"

"I doubt," the Witcher said, his voice as cold as ice. "I doubt whether anyone could afford it."

"I understand and thank you," the vampire said, smiling. This time he bared his teeth. At the sight, Milva and Cahir stepped back and Dandelion stifled a cry of horror.

"Farewell. Good luck."

"Farewell, Regis. Same to you."

Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff Godefroy shook his cape, wrapped himself up in it with a flourish and vanished. He simply vanished.

I missed Regis's dark woolen cloak from the books, so I added it, along with some other things.

There are various options for this mod (CURRENTLY OPTIONS 1 - 6  do not work in every quest, only in some/most. You will get vanilla Regis in some scenes with options 1 - 6).

  1. JUST the cloak, no changes to the canon hairstyle, nor anything else.
  2. Cloak + New Hair (the hairstyle from Regis Better Hair Mod)
  3. Cloak + Other Hairstyle (this hairstyle is flatter and shorter, this was a mistake but I figured some people might like a flat and not poofy/curly hairstyle for Regis)
  4. Cloak + New Hair + Tax Collector Glasses (these are the same kinds of glasses that Regis has on his belt, but he never wears them in-game, only in the concept art, also the same kind that the Hearts of Stone Tax Collector wears).
  5. Cloak + New Hair + Tax Collector Glasses + Blue Outfit (This is the groom's outfit from Hearts of Stone, it's quite fancy with lace cuffs and floral design on the front. This outfit is quite bright blue, though, so I didn't love this as much as I thought I would, it feels OOC)
  6. Cloak + New Hair + Tax Collector Glasses + Dark Outfit (This outfit is comprised of a Nilfgaardian doublet, lace cuffs, and New Moon Armor pant legs/shoes. I gave him New Moon Armor briefly but it made his shoulders look disproportionately wide)
  7. Cloak + New Hair + Professor Glasses + Dark Outfit + No Wolverine Claws (Added the Professor's glasses (from HOS auction) and removed Regis' wolverine claws in combat. Dettlaff still has his claws at Tesham Mutna)

Inspirations for the outfits came from this quote:

A slender, grey-haired man dressed elegantly in black was sitting on the steel chair made for her. The man was calmly biting and sucking on the neck of the shaven-headed acolyte slumped over his knee. The acolyte squealed shrilly and twitched convulsively, his extended legs and arms jerking rythymically.

COMING SOON, HOPEFULLY: There are no aprons that I can find in the files for male characters (Regis wears an apron in Baptism of Fire), so I think I will look through female skeleton items and see if an apron won't be too glitchy to add in.


All screenshots were taken with Regis No Sideburns Mod (because I refuse to run Blood & Wine without it).

I also used Natural Cat Vision in some screenshots and a Toussaint Reshade Mod, so this is why some colors may look different than they would in vanilla.


Regis' cloak WILL clip with his bag. I didn't want to remove his bag because it's just as integral to his character design as his cloak. (For me, it doesn't break my immersion, but it might for you, it just depends).

The glasses are just something that I think are fitting / is a headcanon, though you could make an argument that he has them on his belt in Blood & Wine and never wears them.

This mod has been tested in La Cage au Fou, Night of Long Fangs, and Tesham Mutna, but no other quests, so it might bug out. I suspect there may be visual incongruencies when you first meet him in the warehouse by the docks.