The Witcher 3
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Shows you how much XP you received for killing an enemy in the same way you see XP received for completing quests and such

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Requested by JonasCP on the nexus forums. You can get a standalone version if you always want to see how much XP you get from killing enemies and don't want to bother with menus, or you can get the configurable version where you can set an enemy level filter and XP amount filter (The level filter works like this- EnemyLvl >= PlayerLvl - LvlDiff, so if the player is level 50 and the level difference is 5, it will only show XP if the enemy is level 45 or above).

Note: You really don't get that much XP from killing enemies in the vanilla game, so you could probably merge this with some other mod that changes XP earn rates if you want to get some more satisfaction/excitement/whatever from killing. Also, I've noticed that some quest related enemies simply don't give any XP.

Just move the "Mods" and "bin" folders into your main Witcher 3 directory. If you're using the standalone version there's no "bin" folder.
If you're using the configurable version, make sure you go into the settings (Options->Mods->Show Kill XP) and enable the mod.

Update 1.1:

-Added option to show received XP in action log