The Witcher 3
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Health regenerates fast if above a threshold you set

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I was sick of healing with food and drinks and I didn't want to use swallow as only way of healing or to exploit alternative quen.
With this mod every light injury or scratch (less than 50% life lost) will heal fast after battle has ended. 
If you lose more health you will need to sit and drink a potion, eat something (even if it doesn't make sense) or meditate in order to restore your life.

You can change mod settings both by editing text after "//CHANGE THIS VALUES TO EDIT MOD FUNCTIONALITY" inside mod text or by running the included batch HealthRegenerationSettings.bat (reccomended).
INSTALLATION (skip step 1 if you are installing the mod with NMM):
1 - Extract the mod to your mod folder (Witcher 3/Mods).

2 - Go to modHealthReg\content\scripts\game\gameplay\ability\HealthRegenerationSettings.bat and run it.
3 - Follow the steps.
2 bis - go to modHealthReg\content\scripts\game\gameplay\ability\ and edit it manually.
3 bis - Instructions on how to edit manually are written inside the file.

4 - Edit \My Documents\The Witcher 3\Mods.settings

You can change values everytime you want to by repeating step 2 and 3 OR 2 bis and 3 bis

UPDATE 26/08/2015
Fix: regeneration is now active only when toxicity is under threshold.
Fix: combat regeneration now activates only if you are in combat.
Now fully customizable (health regeneration percentage limit, out of combat regeneration, in combat regeneration).
Both versions have been merged in to one.
UPDATE 23/08/2015
There was a bug so health regeneration was active even if you were poisoned, burning or bleeding making you immune to this effects. 
Uploaded fixed files for both versions.
UPLOADED 22/08/2015

To do:
-Make health bar change color based on health percentage: green for more than 50%, yellow between 50% and 10%, red under 10% 
 (if someone knows how to do it please feel free to upgrade my mod by yourself or to explain me how to do it, or even both).
-When health is under 10% it can be restored only by talking (and paying) a innkeeper, druid, Freya's ladies and so on.
-Add more customization.