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adds coffin dance meme music without breaking immersion

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UPDATE: I will probably no longer work on this mod since the meme has been dead for a long time

Adds IMMERSION-FRIENDLY Medieval and Folk versions of the currently popular Dancing Coffin meme song (Astronomia) to Witcher 3. The song is now played by street bards and in taverns in Novigrad and Skellige.

Let me know in comments if you want me to add this to Touissant, if enough people request it, I'll probably do it.

1.1 - Removed the bugged flute files

Dancing Pallbearers
Vicetone & Tony Igy original creators of the song Astronomia
Cornelius Link for awesome medieval cover
Maurizio Cardullo for awesome Irish folk cover
Ivar for his patience and putting up with my BS when teaching me how to edit W3 audio