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This mod restores all the weight of alchemy and crafting components which were removed in an earlier patch. It also modified the stash so you can store all types of inventory. The player now also receives a slight boost to carrying capacity when they level up.

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This mod restores the weight of inventory items which we're zeroed out in a previous patch. I didn't like the fact that it was patched out as it felt like a bit of a hack.

I've also modified the stash so that players can store all types of inventory items. Means that players will now need to use the storage containers to manage the heaps of junk and drowner brains they're hauling around ;)

Finally I've added a tweak that slightly increases carrying capacity when the player levels up, just to give a bit of extra flexibility as they progress.

Hopefully now players can do proper inventory management without having to resort to hacks like infinite carry capacity or zeroing item weight!