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Reduces excessively blurry view out of the windows.

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Window Glass Distortion Fix

The mod reduces the glass distortion effect for some types of windows caused an excessively blurred view outside.

Check out before/after screenshots on the Images tab to understand more clearly what is all about.


The distortion effect not removed completely and kept to a certain minimal values to leaves a feeling of visible glass not an empty frame.

The changes most affected the windows in rich houses in Oxenfurt and Novigrad, in Kaer Trolde castle, in quest buildings like Triss and Var Atre houses in Novigrad, Tamara Stenger hideout in Oxenfurt etc.

Also in public places like barber shops, booksellers, blacksmith workshops and shopkeepers, some taverns ... and most likely somewhere else )

The version for Toussaint region is also available.


1. Unpack into the "Mods" folder.
important -->  2. The version for Toussaint must be used together with the main v.1.1

Thanks to CDPR for such gorgeous game and guys from community to create modding tools.

Take care and enjoy!