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Stamina Based Combat + Health, Damage, Armor & etc. tweaks.

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Hey folks. I recently started to play the game again and decided to make it heavily modded.
I must thank the community for their great mods. I wanted to tweak some values for my personal use and then decided to share my personal mod with you.

 This mod tweaks stamina usage in game so the player can no longer spam sword attacks thus making combat not as forgiving as vanilla. Also `
Cat Armor sets 4 & 5` are buffed.

Detailed Description:
- `Skills Level Up` has been doubled per level (not for New Game Plus).
- `Vitality Level Up` has been increased from 30 , 25 to 50 per level.
- `Heavy Attack` power has been increased.
- `Combat Actions (attack, dodge, roll)` use stamina like signs.
- `Combat Actions` are disabled if Geralt runs out of stamina (Heavy Attacks & Roll require more stamina than Light Attacks & Dodge).
- `Whirl` & `Rend` stamina recovery time increased.
- `Sprint Stamina` has been increased (for both Geralt & Roach).
- `Critical Hit Chance & Damage` have been increased.
- `Parry Stamina` has been decreased (for shielded npcs & fist fighters so they can't keep their guard up for longer time).
- `Taunt` has been increased (for shielded npcs).
- `Feline Armor (+ boots, gloves & pants), Weapons' Powers (swords & crossbow) & Prices` have been increased (only affects the G.M. level for each).

  !Attention: Items have different stats in New Game Plus.

- `Exhaustion` lowers the attack damage 1% if stamina drops by half until the damage drops to 50% with less than 1% stamina left.

(This mod conflicts with Combat Speed Mod. Script Merger results in unsolved conflicts. However I merged it manually. I may upload the merged file if requested. I don't use any other mod that conflicts with this one. therefore I will not create a compatibility patch. You may merge your mods yourself if interested.)
(I haven't tested my mod without the requirements so it may or may not work without them but it is recommended to have them. Tested on v 1.31)