The Witcher 3
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This reshade makes Wild Hunt as realistic as possible without making your eyes uncomfortable. It was made purely to improve visuals gameplay wise. Its perfect if you want to experience the game once again with fresh look. You will stop once again in Toussaint watching that sunrise as if it was your first time.

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The goal of this reshade is to give players more fresh experience with Wild Hunt. Its not another E3 based or any other older trailer. This reshade is meant purely for better gameplay experience. Most of the "realistic" reshades I find not friendly for your eyes. They are usually too bright (literally killing your eyes in Toussaint) with too high contrast. After spending more than 1000 hours with this game I believe with this reshade I achieved that sweet spot. Gives a little colder look in sunny days, cloudy days are more grim and atmospheric nights are even more atmospheric now. You are a witcher so you still dont need to use torch when exploring caves or dungeons.

This reshade doesn't ruin game's atmosphere. It enhances it.

It is performance friendly. It cost me ~5 fps in more gpu extreme areas.

I created it based on Vanilla lighting (Clear Lighting in Toussaint looks good too). Didnt check other lighting mods. I highly recommend getting also Realistic Weather as it makes fog look so much better. 

1. Download Reshade

2. Extract to a location

3. Install it into your x64 folder where the witcher.exe is

4. Download mod and put the .ini into the same x64 folder

5. Activate it ingame with Home button and select fresh_reshade.ini from drop down menu

Update 1.1

I had problems with contrast at sunset, especially in Toussaint where sky turns basically red. In some places shadows were too dark. I decided to turn off feature responsible for it completely. The difference is more to feel than see. If I would make comparison pic I would probably still need to point areas where you can notice it. This will also give small performance boost. First version is still available.

I also tested few lighting mods with the reshade (Image section) and it just really works with everything. It just basically works as a booster for all these lighting effects. I have to say that this makes STLM looks so good that I decided to stay with it. 


Immersive Lighting (Nudel) SAMPLE