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A small tweak that zooms out the minimap to a feasible level, making it much more useful - made compatible with 1.11 by Wolfmark

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v0.4 - Updated for 1.11 by Wolfmark - many thanks

I probably won't be able to keep the mod updated, though it doesn't seem like there'll be any other mod-breaking huge patches in future.   

v0.4 - Updated for 1.11 by Wolfmark - many thanks
v0.3 - Experimental versions added - Map zooms out further when riding!
v0.2 - Fix : Mod correctly goes into effect after loading
v0.1 - Release

Here is a small tweak that zooms out the minimap further to give more awareness of your surroundings, eliminating the need to checking the main map often. With v0.3, minimap now zooms out further when riding! Three options are available:

: Only modifies hud.ws and hudModuleMinimap2.ws, does not include different zoom level for riding. ( zoom lvls ext = 0.45 (default = 1.0), interior = 1.50 (default 2.0)
ZoomOutLHUD :Optimized for larger HUDs,or those who want more zoom out. ( riding = 0.25 , exterior = 0.55 , int = 1.25 )
ZoomOutSHUD : Optimized for smaller HUDs, less zoom out ( riding = 0.35, ext = 0.65 , int = 1.50 )
It is not necessary to use SHUD for small huds or LHUD for larger ones, you can experiment with them as you like. In my experience minimap becomes harder to read at lower resolutions (I'm running the game at 1366x768), so SHUD is easier on my eye, but I still go with LHUD so yeah that's that...

To install extract the mod into your Mods folder, delete it to uninstall. Have fun!

If you are also bothered by the scarcity of ropes in the game, try Rope Crafting Diagram for a simple fix with minimal editing of game files. 

I noticed that some markers start to pop-in on the minimap at lower zoom values, this becomes especially noticeable after values lower than 0.5. It seems that some markers like undiscovered areas of interest and inns are always shown on the minimap so do not pop-in; but blacksmith and armorer markers become visible only when player gets close to them. This is one of the reasons for having on foot zoom level higher than riding zoom lvl. and it is easier to navigate in cities, so it makes more sense gameplay wise. 

I do not have much time for testing, also I started the game pretty recently ( I'm still in Velen) therefore I cannot guarantee it will work as intended everywhere.Basic version is really unlikely to cause any problems.

I had to modify bunch of other files to add different zoom level for riding, this likely to cause more conflicts. When in doubt, use the basic version for higher compatibility.
Modified files include : commonMapManager.ws, horseRiding.ws , r4HudEventController.ws in non-basic versions, hud.ws and hudModuleMinimap2.ws in all

You can create a mods.settings file and prioritize this over other mods that affect the same files to make them work together, such as modNoAutoSwordUnSheath. Be sure to place mods.settings file to Documents\The Witcher 3, NOT Mods folder in game directory. or use a script merger

Features to come:
-Dynamic minimap: different zoom levels for horse riding (done), exploration (inner city&outskirts) and combat stances - /I decided against introducing different zoom levels for other stances, it seems too much hassle for little benefit also it increases conflicts with other mods, I may look into it if there is demand though/

-Smaller player pointer on the minimap
-Smaller area of enemy detection