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stefan3372 with update by Haldar

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This is an excellent mod Primal Needs by stefan3372, updated for current version of Ghost Mode.

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This is an excellent mod Primal Needs by stefan3372, updated as Addon for Ghost Mode (AGM) for current version of Ghost Mode by wghost81, which is 4.1 at this moment.

Read on original mod's page on what it does and how it does it.

This is just an update with some little changes. No rights claimed, unofficial, etc etc. I am prepared to take it down at first request.

Changes compared to original

- Removed What's for Dinner DLC (GM has its own food cooking)
- Made it so Geralt wont piss in the middle of combat -- he will keep his bladder shut till the end of it
- Fixed erroneous item description (junk flask turned into non-consumable boiled water)
- Changed tiredness thresholds (cant sprint - cant jump - cant roll etc) from 50-60-70-80-90 fatigue to 70-76-82-88-94

- Base stamina regen speed reduced to 12/sec from 15/sec, as with zero thirst (and default setting) Geralt can get it increased by 50%. Preserving balance.
- Cornucopia now can be used to provide hunger and thirst relief.
- Being fully sated increases adrenaline generation by 25%, being fully hungry will reduce it by 25%
- Slightly tweaked foods: their healing effects are a bit more random now
- Slightly tweaked foods' and drinks' duration.


1. Dump archive contents to your Witcher 3 directory, overwrite when prompted (yes, it replaces some files of GM).
2. See provided inputs.txt file and do what's asked there
3. Run Script Merger.


This mod is incompatible with Complete Animations, W3EE.
This is not standalone mod, it is an addon for Ghost Mode.