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remove required points spent on all skills and unlock all skill slots + mutagen slots

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Remove skill points spent requirement.

Unlock all skill slots and mutagen slots.

Install: extract it into your The Witcher 3\Mods folder.

Updated: add a BCE compatible version.

You need to install BCE, then install my mod and start a new game. Everything will be exactly as BCE mod intended to be, except all skills slots are unlocked at start.
Just my humble opinion, I find it weird that BCE creator want to create a better experience and let us the player mix match skill, but he still keep the skill slot locked system.

START A NEW GAME to use the mod. Doesnt officially work with NewGame+

To use the mod on NG+, the only way I was be able to figured out was to use debug console
  1. Open your saves file you are intend to use for NG+

  2. Drop all the items you want to keep. (alchemy products will be destroy on drop so you will need to recaft them again)

  3. Use the command "cleardevelop" to reset your character (this command will also destroy all items you have on your inventory, that is why we need to drop equipment on the ground in earlier step)

  4. Use the command "setlevel(#)" to set the character to the previous Level; so if your char was lvl35, use the command setlevel(35)

  5. Pick up all your items on the ground, recraft all the alchemy product you need. (or recraft them later in NG+)

  6. Make a manual save, then use that newly create manual save to start NG+

Or you can do those step after you start NG+, samething.

You can try to do that on your current mid-game saves, but since you cant drop quest items, they will be lost. Try the method for a mid-game save files only if you think no important quest items would be destroyed.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but apparently, once you start the game, no other way to change it, it has something to do with the code, string or hex or whatever it called, I'm not so sure.
Haven't actually test the method out myself, but based on feedback from other player, that would works.

Chose one version only:

  • Unrestricted Witchery: remove required points spent + unlock all slots at level 1.
  • Slightly Restricted Witchery: remove required points spent + slots unlock at certain level same as vanilla.
  • Unrestricted Witchery BCE: for BCE only, unlock all slots at lvl1

ENDORSE if it works!

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