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This mod gives you an additional yield when making potions, oils or bombs if wearing full manticore set.

Permissions and credits
This mod is not meant to be used on its own. It is a fix for the Manticore full set bonus if you are using the Primer mod by SkylineR390.

The auto-refill is disabled if you are using the Primer mod, so the Manticore 6-piece bonus (gain 1 additional charge) basically loses its meaning. This mod changes that and instead gives you 1 additional yield when you craft bombs, oils, potions and decoctions in the Alchemy menu.
The description of the Manticore 6-piece bonus is altered to reflect the change.

Before you begin, it is highly recommended to back up the in
The Witcher 3\mods\modPrimer\content\scripts\game\gameplay\alchemy.
Unzip the file and copy the mods folder to your Witcher 3 root category and replace file when prompted. 

About the Manticore Set Bonus Description
Currently only in English.
For other languages, I've included the string file in the Optional Files section if you want to localize it for yourself. Use w3strings encoder to encode the .csv file.
The modManticoreFix folder can be safely deleted if your game is not in English or you do not wish the description change.

Credits go to  SkylineR390