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Temerian reward you with orens, Nilfgaardian with florens, rich men with more, poor men with less

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This mod does 4 major things:
1. Changes rewards from Temerians to Orens (with few exceptions, like Baron, who has Redanian letters of safe conduct and should definetely use the better currency. Hagglable rewards from monster hunts stayed in Crowns, but thats because of technical issues. Soon i will touch them as well)
2. Changes rewards from Nilfgaardians to Florens (as above: hagglable rewards had to stay unchanged)
3. Changes Oren's value from 1 crown to 1/4 crown to be closer to its canon value
4. Rebalanced some rewards to better match status of the quest giver. Emhyr var Emreis will give you more money for his daughter while peat miner from Crookback Bog will give you less. Some of these changes are direct forwards from Full Combat Rebalance, since it should be considered semi-official errata for the rewards


White Orchard:
Merchant Bram: 50 crowns -> 200 orens
Tomira for Swallow: 50 crowns -> 200 orens
Peter Saar Gwynleve for Griffin: 150 crowns -> 80 florens
Dune for finding his brother: 0 crowns despite the animation, consider it a bugfix -> 80 orens
John Geermer for giving him the package: 20 crowns -> 80 orens
John Geermer if you caught him and then gave him the package: 30 crowns -> 120 orens
Package if you just stole it: 50 crowns -> 200 orens
Nilfgaardians if you handed them John Geermer: 30 crowns -> 10 florens
Tomira after you banished noonwraith: 10 crowns -> 40 orens 
Willi for handing him arsonist / arsonist for letting him go: 20 crowns -> 80 orens 
Random abondoned place encounters: 0 crowns -> 50 orens

Bloody Baron for finding his daughter: 50 crowns -> 200 crowns
Bloody Baron for finding his wife: 100 crowns -> 300 crowns
Pellar for Forefather's Eve: 50 crowns -> 200 orens
Margaret for lying about Hanna: 55 crowns -> 220 orens
Niellen for lying about Hanna: 10 crowns -> 40 orens
Lurtch villagers for lifting pig curse: 100 crowns -> 400 orens
Baron's quartermaster for Archegriffin: 25 crowns -> 400 orens
Leslav for Foglet: 484-650 crowns -> 242-326 crowns
Tavar Eggebracht for Wyvern: 50 crowns -> 50 florens
Girl who's boyfriend got mauled by wolfs: 40 crowns -> 160 orens
Granddaughter of the ghost grandma who wanted to reconcile with her ghost husband: 20 crowns -> 80 orens
Nilfgaardian mother for news about her dead son: 50 crowns -> 20 florens
Jan Verdun for saving his life: 50 crowns -> 200 orens
Villagers for convincing Allgod to eat less: 50 crowns -> 200 orens
Stash that we are led to by a doggo: 10 crowns -> 40 orens
Random abandoned place encounters: 50 crowns -> 200 orens

Emhyr var Emreis: 2000 crowns (x2) -> 2000 florens (x2)

Beggar King for saving Rico Meiersdorf: some random unimmersive junk -> 100 crowns
Rosa var Attre for fencing lessons: 50 crowns -> 35 florens
King Radovid for Phillipa's crystal: 135 crowns -> 500 crowns
Zoltan if you take the money instead of Gwent cards: 150 crowns -> 300 crowns
Count Kurt Dyssart for Elemental: 267-360 crowns -> 520-702 crowns
Meiersdorf Family: always 249 crowns ignoring what you had agreed upon, consider it a bugfix -> 249-336 crowns
Hidden stash of a Nilfgaardian spy: 50 crowns -> 200 crowns. Left it as crowns because he was to operate from Novigrad, so he would like to have local currency
Gaunter O'Dim for you know what: 5000 crowns -> 20 000 crowns

Anna Henrietta for Beast of Beauclair: 5000 crowns -> 2000 florens
Tournament prize: 200 crowns -> 100 florens
Koviri Merchant for Safari: 297-330 -> 594-660
Gwent tournament 1st place: 1000 crowns -> 1000 florens
Gwent tournament lost: 100 crowns -> 100 florens
Monsier de Bourbeau for Kikimoras: 100 crowns -> 35 florens
Monsier de Bourbeau for telling him about his wife's affair: 100 crowns -> 35 florens
Andree de Bourbeau for avenging her boyfriend: 120 crowns -> 50 florens
Durand de Savarin for killing elven golems: 300 crowns -> 100 florens
Painter for Geralt's posing: 300 crowns -> 100 florens
Cianfanelli if you let him gather Geralt's money: 500 crowns -> 500 florens (lorewise Geralt should have A LOT there. He spent entire winter working in Toussaint and never had a change to retrieve his money because of Jaskier's troubles)
Cianfanelli if you force money out of him: 200 crowns -> 200 florens
Hughes if you'll let him keep statue's balls: 50 crowns -> 20 florens
Crinfrid Reavers for basillisk: 400 crowns -> 150 florens
Bories di Salvaress if you'll spare the basillisk: 400 crowns -> 350 florens. Since he promised to pay double for sparing him, it should be considered a bugfix. Your welcome.
Jean Louis Ludovic for saving him from bandits: 150 crowns -> 50 florens
Zdravko for witcher's school schematics: 500 crowns -> 200 florens

On top of that i arbitrarly decided to change maximum gwent bets in Novigrad/Velen/Skellige from 10 to 25, so they won't be that diffrent from toussaint's 100

As you propably already guessed, this mod may poise troubles in Velen and White Orchard since you still do not have access to Vimme Vivaldi and you need to buy some stuff. But hey. It is supposed to be lore friendly, not balanced, right?

If you decide to play with this mod, please report to me any instances of bugs or rewards that diffrent from voiced dialogues. I tried to avoid monster hunts as much as its possible, so they won't poise any troubles but if i missed any, please do notice me on this modpage. Cheers!