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The longer you negotiate your reward, the better it can be

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Vanilla haggling can be really tedious and predictable. You just receive randomized value that you have to find and fit, somewhere between 20% and 70% of slider. It isn't even close to the negotiations in the books or in the real life.

What this mod does: now tweaks NPC's acceptable price is dependant on NPC's impatience and anger. For every % of "yellow bar" NPC can accept 1/2% higher cost of Witcher's services. E.g.: if NPC would accept 40% of the slider at the beginning of haggling, he will accept almost 60% if it would be offered at the very last moment.

For little bit more clarity, I removed randomization of the maximum slider value (max reward that you can offer, not the one that NPC will accept). It used to be between 35% and 50% of the base reward, now I made it constant 50%.