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Replaces the main menu video with a high-quality recording of the Skellige Isles.

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This mod replaces the main menu BaW video with a high-quality recording of the Skellige Islands.

1 - Pick a file of your preference (see images).
2 - Drag it on your Witcher 3/mods directory.
3 - Optionally you can download the "Silent Main Menu" script which will disable every sound on your main menu and you will be able to hear the storm sounds that are coming from my mod. It will conflict with Friendly Hud but if you were to merge it, it would work perfectly

Difference between GOTY files and normal ones is that GOTY files replace the Base Game, HoS and BaW videos, while the regular version just replaces the BaW video (for the sake of disk space).
If you are using Friendly Hud, you can set your main menu video to BaW and download the regular version and save some space.

The version with Geralt's model lasts for 1 minute and when the video reaches the end, there is a small chop.
I could have made the recording longer but since the video is lossless the file size would've been huge.
You probably won't even notice it because no one really stays at the main menu for more than 1 minute in the first place.
Version without Geralt's model still has the same issue but you won't notice it as the background is almost static.