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REDCLOTH Asset Pack is a community-style resource mod that adds completely standalone vanilla apex cloth assets as DLC.

Permissions and credits

REDCLOTH Asset Pack (RASSP) is a community-style resource mod that adds completely standalone vanilla apex cloth assets as DLC. Over the last few weeks, the dedicated boys and girls from the Glitcher 3 Discord have been hard at work. KamehamehaNudel breathed new life into the redcloth debacle by successfully importing a custom apb in the form of a giant shadow on a cliff. We then worked together on figuring out how to successfully import something meaningful. After getting real results, we brought a few major modding contributors together to iron out the issues and establish a pipeline for importing new assets. rfuzzo decided to drop by, and within a day the pipeline was complete, and additionally due to his efforts we can now import vanilla redcloth assets as well. For now the short term, the pipeline won't have any public documentation. Don't worry though, this is only because we're working on a more robust solution. Expect to see new features in your favorite modding tool WolvenKit.

RAASP has no standalone functionality! Installing this mod alone will do nothing. It's a resource pack for mod authors to try out standalone redcloth.


Currently Supported Assets

This list will grow depending on community interest and requests. Each asset currently supports 7 standalone versions. If you want to see an asset supported, please make a post for your request and be sure to include the path to the asset.

Vanilla Dress
DLC Dress
Cape Tassels

DLC Dress
DLC Dress Sleeves
DLC Dress Belt


Cape Tassels




1. Download main RASSP file.

2. Extract contents of ZIP folder.

3. Copy/paste 'dlcRedclothAssetPack' to your game DLC directory.

For Mod Authors

This is a short-term solution, eventually it will be made clear how to import standalone redcloth on your own. RASSP is simply intended to help generate interest in the project. I have included 7 versions (a-g) of several popular redcloth assets, to somewhat mitigate compatibility issues between separate mods (or you can go crazy and style several versions of an asset). In order to leverage this mod, you must list RASSP as a required download for your users (do not re-host or fork).

By default, each asset is assigned the default.apex debugging material. For your mod, you will need to use the "Cooked Files" from the download section. Create a modproject with WolvenKit, then drag-and-drop these assets into the modproject. PLEASE TAKE CARE TO DELETE ANY COOKED FILES YOU ARE NOT USING TO PREVENT COMPATIBILITY ISSUES. Edit the cooked redcloth with WolvenKit, and simply assign your own material/texture paths as you would with any regular w2mesh.

Do not hesitate to leave a post with any questions.

Redcloth Research Contributors