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Improves the somewhat bad ingame antialiasing using depth based SMAA to not affect the UI or text.

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Just a simple reshade preset that uses using depth based SMAA to not affect text or the UI. (see screenshots)
Biggest difference can be seen on foliage.

Ingame settings:
Keep the ingame antialising option enabled to get most jagged edges. Depth based SMAA on it's own isn't that accurate. But at least it won't affect text or UI.

A bit hard to measure, but there's about a 5-8% load increase for my gpu based on the scenery. (GTX 1070 TI)

1. Download the preset.
2. Unpack it into your witcher 3 folder, next to the .exe. Usually located at: \Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin\x64
3. That's it, launch the game. You can toggle SMAA with F10.

Delete the Reshade folder, dxgi.dll, dxgi.log and Reshade.ini.

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