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Hidden at 10 Jan 2020, 4:04PM by yian for the following reason:
Here is what James Davenport on PCGamer had to say about my shitty mod.

"...Like one of those hollow-face optical illusions where a concave mask has the appearance of a convex face that follows you where ever you go. It's creepy is what I'm saying.
Score: Specialty face-tattoo/Mustache removed with CGI."

I believe that mods should maintain certain quality standards in order to provide the community with a pleasant experience. No one should be subjected to the unpleasant experience of installing a mod then only to see it looked like crap in-game and feel disappointed. That is just wasting people's time. Sorry if anyone of you wasted your time on this garbage. I meant well.

Meanwhile, you can try this much better mod: