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It's a very minimalist yet an effective Reshade preset. Main goal is to keep vanilla colors (with STLM) and make the game cinematic yet fantasy oriented.

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Hi! First of all this is my very first modding experience and I don't really think Reshade counts as modding but I wanted to make something like this for a long time and...well here I go.

This preset has been made because every cinematic preset is using too much effects affecting performance. I used only 10 effects and you can just configure them to your own liking, I personally prefer my games with FXAA enabled because I can't stand sharpness.
Some people may not like lens effects for example, and you can disable that if you don't like it!

How to use:
Step 1 - Download lastest Reshade !

Step 2 - Select your witcher3.exe (example: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin\x64)

Step 3 - Select Direct3D 10/11/12

Step 4 - When asked "Do you want to download our all effects bruh?" say yes.

Step 5 - If you're going to just use my reshade only:
Select following (for your taste): FilmGrain2, LumaSharpen, FXAA, FilmicPass, FakeHDR, LightDoF, MultiLUT, Bloom, MXAO and Border.
If you think you'll want to change it eventually download every effect.

Step 6 - Click "Edit Reshade Settings" and tick "Performance Mode" but don't close the tab!

Step 7 - When everything is settled, drop my .ini file to the same path as shown above.

Step 8 - Select my .ini file in Reshade settings editor.

I'm open to any feedback!

PS: I know my nickname means like "joking dinosaur" in French. I'm not French don't ask...