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Lets play his game but at least give us some time!
This mod extends/removes the time limit of Master Mirror's game if you choose to save Olgierd in the quest "Whatsoever a Man Soweth..."

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Hello everybody,

this is a small mod for personal use I wanted to share with you.

Disclaimer: Following may be spoilers, also I don't recommend this mod for your first walkthorugh as this is basically cheating!


This mod extends/removes the time limit of Master Mirror's game if you choose to save Olgierd in the quest "Whatsoever a Man Soweth..." so that you can take without rush or hassle all unique items from his world, including the exclusive viper silver sword, gold and other treasures from the luxury cave and more like some illusions, explore for yourself! Time limit is extended over an hour which should be more than enough time.

I also included my test savegame and the mod editor project in the downloads section for free use.

Compatibility / Load Order

As there is no other mod known which features the main purpose of this mod or changing the same file, it should be compatible with everything. This mod doesn't use any scripts!


This mod was made using Sarcen's The Witcher 3 Mod Editor and studying the file sturcture and associated files for myself. The mod editor project can be found in the Miscellaneous section for download.
For the Screenshots I used the 1.32 Debug console with F1 freecam.

About me

I'm Ju5ti (username is "Ju5ti on Nexusmods") and an for years active modder
in the Witcher 3 scene. I usually don't take requests for new mods and
mostly concentrate on fun mods to make your playthrough unique and fun!
My wcc_lite still makes problems, my coding skills are on noob level and
I know almost nothing about 3d modeling, but my fantasy &
creativity is hopefully enough for some fun stuff with the mod editor ;)

I'm also active on other parts on the web, including a youtube channel
& nsfw stuff with video games like The Witcher series & more!
Check out my cryto donation options & much more on my link overview

You are warmly welcome to leave feedback, critism, bugs and other stuff in
the comment section! What I enjoy the most: Seeing people using my
mod(s) with fan made pictures and videos!

Excuse me my english, it's still not my native language, I'm learning every day

My other Witcher 3 Mods

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Thank you for reading, downloading, using, endorsing etc., have a nice day and until next time!