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Different values and mechanics for gwent cards.

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I changed values and abilities for some gwent cards (most of them) I think some new mechanics can be refreshing for this minigame, with this mod all decks are really good and effective so you don't have to use northen realms or nilfgaardian empire all the time, each one is really fun to play also I tried my best trying to keep a balance between decks so you will be able to win with any of them, also I did what I could to add a lore for those cards that are related.

Let me know what you think, your suggestions for balance or if you think that a certain ability would fits better in a certain card, also I'll take requests if you want a certain ability or value for your favorite card for example if you love triss or yen and you want them to have a value of 15 let me know and I'll make you a custom version for you.

now the list of changes, you can see all the cards in the pictures but if you wanna know more details about the abilities the cards have I added a text file to the mod.

I highly recommend you to use GwentTWCG created by jamut69 this mod will add some amazing art to your gwent cards:

this mod doesn't cause any problems with on going save files, so you can install or uninstall it whenever you want.

now as a WARNING if you use any other gwent mod that changes the card descriptions or fixes missing textures, don't uninstall it to use this one bacause it might cause a conflict and you can lose your cards, if you don't use any you can install or uninstall gwentmyway whenever you want.

to install the mod just unzip the file and drag it into your mods folder.

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