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Adds three brand new quests to the game. All part of a new witcher gear scavenger hunt to find the pieces of Sumajin's Sezon Burz set.

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About the Mod
This mod questifies Sumajin's Sezon Burz Witcher's Gear. The items have been removed from the merchant in White Orchard, and all 9 pieces of the set now must be crafted. The diagrams are found via three quests.
The quests are identical in design to the vanilla scavenger hunt quests. All three are in Toussaint. Each quest is started by reading a map (just like vanilla) and each will lead you to three diagrams (just like vanilla). The maps are intentionally easy to find, so if you haven't yet started or have recently started Blood and Wine, you should find them very quickly. If you want to know where they are though, here are the locations:


  • Many attributes of the armor and weapons have been changed to make them feel like their own unique set of witcher gear.
  • Items are meant to function as a new grandmaster set, and are around the same power level as the others.
  • Items use the Wolf School bonuses.
  • New Game+ is fully supported (Only vanilla New Game+, not level uncappers, not additional New Game+ mods).

This mod contains only the quest, not the armor/weapon models, so you will also need to install Sumajin's Sezon Burz Witcher's GearChoose either the vanilla or Ghost Mode version (only use one). Place modsezonburzquest in the mods folder and dlcsezonburzquest in the dlc folder of your Witcher 3 directory.

Delete the files. If you decide to uninstall please be aware that saves created with this mod installed cannot be loaded without it. I'd recommend keeping a save from before this mod was installed just in case.

Thanks to rmemr for his radish modding tools with which I made this mod, and for answering all my questions during this mod's creation. Also, thanks to Sumajin for his amazing work on the original Sezon Burz mod.