The Witcher 3
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This mod improves most of geralt's mutations, so each mutation can be a viable option and you don't have to use the same ones over and over.

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Well I got a little bit tired of using euphoria almost ever, ma boy geralt was always on drugs, so I just made some changes on most of the other mutations to have more options to choose from, you can se which changes were made here:

Conductors of Magic : Sign damage changed from 50% to 100%

Piercing Cold : Chances to freeze changed from 25% to 50% and force damaged increased from 1500 to 2500.

Magic Sensibilities : base magic critical chance increased from 20% to 40% , magic critical damage increased from 100% to 200%.

Adrenaline Rush : Debuff changed Once it wears off, sword Attack Power and Sign Intensity drop by 5% (previously 10%) for each participating foe after first (previously modifier cannot exceed 70%) now cannot exceed 25%. Duration: 30s. 

Bloodbath : attack power changed from 5% to 20%, stacks changed from 50 to 25, to a max of 500%, still lose the effect if the enemy hits you.

Deadly Counter : Sword attacks deal 40% (previously 25%) more damage to human opponents immune to counterattacks and monsters. if the attacker's Vitality is less than 40% (previously 25%), a counterattack immediately triggers a finisher.

Metamorphosis : cooldown between applications reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds, decoction duration increased from 120 to 180 seconds, numer of decoctions that can be activated increased from 3 to 5.

Cat Eyes : Opponents struck when they have full Vitality lose 25% (previously 15%) of Vitality, bolts damage increased from 150 to 250.

Mutated Skin : Each Adrenaline Point decreases damage received by 20% (to a maximum of 60%).

Second Life : unchanged.

Euphoria : unchanged.

Toxic Blood : unchanged.

To install just unzip the downloaded file and drag it into your mods folder if you don't have one just create one in your witcher 3 game directory.

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