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About this mod

British actors Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg

Permissions and credits

Geralt Cavill & Anya of Vengerberg from Netflix The Witcher 


drop  modGeraltisCavill in your Witcher 3 mods folder. v3 has no dependencies, except DLC HoS.
After dialog's swing with weapons, or use command for shaving/beard, that will make Geralt
have facial animations outside of 
cutscenes, after each of those or dialog (everything auto works in them),
he will again have static face animations. This is quite normal for a modded head in Witcher,
just info for those who need different faces for pictures in adventures.
As for Yen, no dependencies, just drop the mod in mods folder.

If your heads melt and you have mimic problems, use 
and follow instructions there + 
Thanks to X20T3rMiN4t0R for info

Geralt Mod Includes

1) Head & body meshes; 
2) Body hair textures and face scars from the show; 
3) Different face textures for all ingame occasions; 

4) Toxicity textures from the show;
5) Eyes from the show;
6)True slavic superman themed boxers;
7)Black shirt;
8)New hair colour for Hairworks;

Yennefer mod Includes

1) Head meshes;
2)Face textures and recoloured body;
3)Eyes from the show;

Recommended Mods

1) For v1 Geralt on steroids I used version 3,
but any body mod should work with that head, just override with my mod in Script Merger 

2) Alternate Amulets

3) Alternative Long Hair

4) Kaer Morhen Viper Armor Netflix

5) The Witcher Armor

6)  Toxic Black Eyes - Netflix
You need only the standalone black eyes from it, since the face textures are for default Geralt. 
Thanks to plasticmetal, Black eyes are compatible with this mod.

7) Hairworks beard Fix for v1

8) And basically any other decent mods related to Geralt in the show would be a good match.