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This mod reskins the Kaer Morhem Armor to be more similar to the Armor from the Netflix series.

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What does it do?
This Mod retextures the Standard Kaer Morhen Outfit, Hunting Trousers and Griffin Gloves

-The Kaer Morhen Armor is the starting armor.
-The Hunters trousers can be found by most armorers.
-The Griffin Gloves are part of the Griffin School armor.

Or you can add the Griffin Gloves to your inventory with a debug console with thia command:
additem('Gryphon Gloves 1')

Be sure to install the mod "HD Chainmail for Viper Armors" by CAPA to make the mod work properly.

If you want this skin for the Viper armor,
simply install the "Viper armor to Kaer Morhen starting armor"

Install (NMM):
1. Download with manager.
2. Activate in NMM.

Install (Manual):
1. Download manually.
2. Open the contents of the archive.
3. Create a folder in the root of your Witcher 3 installation called 'mods'.
4. Place the folder in there.

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