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A feature stripped and improved version of the great Apperance Menu Mod.

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Feature Stripped??
AMM has many features that I wasn't interested in, a lot of which caused some buggy behavior or were a bit finicky to get working the way you want to. Things such as the hair not being correct or resetting when you don't want to, the high toxicity effect of geralt's face not working, or facial expressions disappearing due to reloading the settings. 

That bothered me because those annoyances weren't caused by the AMM features I'm interested. So I stripped down the mod to the features I wanted to use:
  • Accessories (all 10 slots).
  • Hoods, with automatically adjusted hair. It will use the same hair as when wearing the Grandmaster Cat hood.
  • Capes.
  • The cape/hood toggle hotkey.
  • Favorites (all 6 slots working).

In feature stripping it, I couldn't help but clean up the code. I found ways to fix some of the bugs, or implement features I thought the original mod really needed. So I added them!
  • Automatic enable/disable for certain scenes. It's rude and pretentious to enter a bathhouse wearing only your fur scarf and nothing else. This and other instances of flamboyancy have been cleansed.
  • Faster code with significantly improved logic - the core functions were cut down by almost 75%! Better logic makes it less buggy and solves some inconsistencies.
  • Menu strings have been fixed when using certain mods.

Quick and Simple:

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The original author CAPA14, and the people who made it possible for him to make AMM:
* SkacikPL
* Marvelmaster

My Other Work:
The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition

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