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Adds 24 new mutagens and matching decoctions.

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Additional Alchemy

1. Foreword:

I really like how they added new monsters in the Blood and Wine Expansion and always thought it was a missed opportunity they didn't add new mutagens and decoctions to obtain from hunting those monsters. So basically - that's just what I did!

The mod supports English versions of the game. I might add a German version later - who knows.
Version 1.0.1 now also supports French versions of the Game. Merci beaucoup à Enpror
Version 1.0.5 now also supports Polish versions of the Game. Dziękuję, CICHOCIEMNY1234
Version 1.0.5 now also supports Russian versions of the Game. Cпасибо, akynamatatapost
Version 1.0.5 now also supports German versions of the Game. Not thanking anyone here - made it myself :D

Works for both NG and NG+.

There is also an alternative Version that should be installed if playing the Game with the mod FCR3. Be sure to run Script Merger after installing both mods.

2. What this mod does:

This mod adds 24 new mutagens and 24 matching craftable decoctions. The mutagens are dropped by the according monsters in Toussaint while the recipes for the decoctions can be found all throughout the world.

IMPORTANT: I highly advise to not have the Dragon Decoction active while playing the Blood and WIne Quest that activates the Mutation feature ("Turn and face the strange"). I couldn't test it but it might remove your ability to develop mutations permanently. Don't worry, the decoction is harmless during the rest of the game. You can use it before and after that quest - actually even during that quest. Just drink some White Honey before receiving access to the Mutation feature if you have that specific Decoction activated. If you forgot to do that and realize that you lost your access to the mutations feature you can restore it via debug console: enablemutations(1)

Added Decoctions:

Bonus for each killed foe: +20 maximum Toxicity
(Version 1.0.2: Bonus for each killed foe: +10 maximum Toxicity)
Upper limit: +200 maximum Toxicity

Upper limit: +50% Critical hit damage bonus

Stamina costs: -7,5% / Adrenaline point
Stamina costs at night: -20% / Adrenaline point

Stamina gain from light attacks: 5%
Stamina gain from heavy attacks: 10%
Stamina gain from "Rend": 15%

Bonus for Arenalin level 0: 30%
Bonus for Arenalin level 1: 20%
Bonus for Arenalin level 2: 10%

Bonus for Arenalin level 3: 0%

Chance to disarm: 7,5%

Arenalin Bonus: 15%

3. How to obtain:

Most Mutagens can be obtained by killing the according monster.
There are also some mutagens of monsters that can not be encountered in the game. You will need to buy rare ingredients from these monsters from merchants. These ingredients can be dismantled in order to obtain the precious mutagen.

Merchants that sell rare monster ingredients:

  • Kayran hide   Keira Metz and Loan Shark in the Bits (Novigrad)
  • Aguara hide   Elven Merchant South-East of Oxenfurt and Tailor in Beauclair
  • Zeugl eye       Halfling Herbalist in Novigrad and Druid Herbalist in Skellige
  • Manticore sting     Shady merchant in Putrid Grove (Novigrad) and Ofieri merchant North-East of Novigrad
  • Frightener eye       Zoltan (Kaer Morhen) and Halfling merchant in Silverton (related to "Hey, You wanna look at my stuff?" in Novigrad)
  • Ifrit essence  Hidden Mage in the Crematory (before Novigrad) and Ofieri merchant North-East of Novigrad
  • Vran brain      Priest of the Eternal Fire merchant on Electors' Square in Novigrad
  • Vigilosaur scale    Aeramas' Shop in Gildorf (Novigrad)
  • Vodyanoi eye         Fish merchant in Silverton (Novigrad)
  • Striga heart   Tomira (Herbalist in White Orchard)
  • Dragon tissueInside a rich ornated casket sold by the Halfling merchant in Silverton (related to "Hey, You wanna look at my stuff?" in Novigrad)

4. How to install / uninstall:

Unpack additional_alchemy.rar and copy everything inside into your Witcher 3 main directory.
IMPORTANT: Please run Script Merger to resolve possible conflicts. Be aware that this mod will most likely not work with overhaul mods like Ghost Mode or
Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition.

To uninstall, just delete the dlc__Additional_Alchemy folder in your DLC folder and the  modAdditionalAlchemy folder in your mods folder.

5. Debug Console Commands:

If you have enabled the debug console you can add items directly into your inventory by opening it and typing:additem("itemID")
for example: additem("Recipe for Mutagen 29")


  • Kikimore MutagenKikimore mutagen
  • Wight Mutagen     Wight mutagen
  • Giant Centipede Mutagen    Giant centipede mutagen
  • Slyzard Mutagen   Slyzard mutagen
  • Fleder Mutagen     Fleder mutagen
  • Alp Mutagen  Alp mutagen
  • Barghest MutagenBarghest mutagen
  • Spriggan MutagenSpriggan mutagen
  • Garkain Mutagen  Garkain mutagen
  • Bruxa Mutagen      Bruxa mutagen
  • Archespore Mutagen     Archespore mutagen
  • Shaelmaar Mutagen     Shaelmaar mutagen
  • Kayran Mutagen   Kayran mutagen
  • Aguara Mutagen   Aguara mutagen
  • Zeugl Mutagen     Zeugl mutagen
  • Manticore Mutagen     Manticore mutagen
  • Frightener Mutagen     Frightener mutagen
  • Ifrit MutagenIfrit mutagen
  • Vran Mutagen      Vran mutagen
  • Vigilosaur Mutagen     Vigilosaur mutagen
  • Vodyanoi Mutagen      Vodyanoi mutagen
  • Striga Mutagen    Striga mutagen
  • Dragon Mutagen           Dragon mutagen
  • Arachnomorph MutagenArachnomorph mutagen

  • Kikimore Decoction        Mutagen 29
  • Wight Decoction             Mutagen 30
  • Giant Centipede Decoction    Mutagen 31
  • Slyzard Decoction   Mutagen 32
  • Fleder Decoction     Mutagen 33
  • Alp Decoction  Mutagen 34
  • Barghest DecoctionMutagen 35
  • Spriggan DecoctionMutagen 36
  • Garkain Decoction  Mutagen 37
  • Bruxa Decoction      Mutagen 38
  • Archespore Decoction    Mutagen 39
  • Shaelmaar Decoction     Mutagen 40
  • Kayran Decoction   Mutagen 41
  • Aguara Decoction  Mutagen 42
  • Zeugl Decoction     Mutagen 43
  • Manticore Decoction     Mutagen 44
  • Frightener Decoction     Mutagen 45
  • Ifrit DecoctionMutagen 46
  • Vran Decoction      Mutagen 47
  • Vigilosaur Decoction     Mutagen 48
  • Vodyanoi Decoction      Mutagen 49
  • Striga Decoction    Mutagen 50
  • Dragon Decoction  Mutagen 51
  • Arachnomorph DecoctionMutagen 52


  • Torn-out page: Kikimore Decoction        Recipe for Mutagen 29
  • Torn-out page: Wight Decoction             Recipe for Mutagen 30
  • Torn-out page: Giant Centipede Decoction    Recipe for Mutagen 31
  • Torn-out page: Slyzard Decoction   Recipe for Mutagen 32
  • Torn-out page: Fleder Decoction     Recipe for Mutagen 33
  • Torn-out page: Alp Decoction  Recipe for Mutagen 34
  • Torn-out page: Barghest DecoctionRecipe for Mutagen 35
  • Torn-out page: Spriggan DecoctionRecipe for Mutagen 36
  • Torn-out page: Garkain Decoction  Recipe for Mutagen 37
  • Torn-out page: Bruxa Decoction      Recipe for Mutagen 38
  • Torn-out page: Archespore Decoction    Recipe for Mutagen 39
  • Torn-out page: Shaelmaar Decoction     Recipe for Mutagen 40
  • Torn-out page: Kayran Decoction            Recipe for Mutagen 41
  • Torn-out page: Aguara Decoction    Recipe for Mutagen 42
  • Torn-out page: Zeugl Decoction      Recipe for Mutagen 45
  • Torn-out page: Manticore Decoction      Recipe for Mutagen 44
  • Torn-out page: Frightener Decoction      Recipe for Mutagen 45
  • Torn-out page: Ifrit Decoction Recipe for Mutagen 46
  • Torn-out page: Vran DecoctionRecipe for Mutagen 47
  • Torn-out page: Vigilosaur Decoction       Recipe for Mutagen 48
  • Torn-out page: Vodyanoi DecoctionRecipe for Mutagen 49
  • Torn-out page: Striga Decoction      Recipe for Mutagen 50
  • Torn-out page: Dragon Decoction    Recipe for Mutagen 51
  • Torn-out page: Arachnomorph DecoctionRecipe for Mutagen 52