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If Death March is giving you sleep, this Mod is for you. Watch out! This mod is for witcher professionals, seeking great challenges.

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If Death March is giving you sleep, this Mod is for you.

I've added a deadly level of attack to the enemies, so Geralt needs to be as quick and attentive as he can. Any wolf, endrega or bandit can disarm his Quen with just one blow and kill him with three hits. The bosses are stronger, but more balanced.

I think the health of the enemy is adequate. Bandits without a shirt or armor can not be too sturdy, Neckers are like little Gremlins and it would be normal to lose their heads with a straight blow. Just as soldiers wearing heavy armor need to be harder to beat.

However, in the last levels and using Grand Master Sets, no one else is able to overthrow Geralt. He becomes the most deadly and resilient creature on Earth or whatever the name of the planet where the witchers live.So this Mod tries to make Witcher's world a little harder and deadlier.

However, I believe that all characters should be more deadly. But even so I made an option where the enemies are healthier and are more resilient.

I did not test those changes in depth, after all I would have to fight everything that moves to have a final verdict and I did not do a new gameplay from start to finish.

I do not know if there are insurmountable enemies. Changes include damage increase by npcs categories. In case there is some absurd imbalance call me.

So if you notice something strange let me know that I try to fix it. I'm accepting suggestions as to the level of difficulty. This mod is still an experiment!

Thank's 5thTowerMods and your SCBA for the idea. 

Thank you!

P.S.: But for anyone calling me unfair, I added a heavy attack (very heavy).