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This mod removes the limitation of knocking lvl 70+ enemies down with Aard.

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-= About =-
If you're like many out there who are enjoing a New Game+ with Scaling Enemies turned on, you might have noticed that once you start facing level 70+ enemies, they stop getting knocked down by Aard - Instead, they just back off a little bit and stagger for a moment.

And if you're like me, who thinks it doesn't make sense to get essentially weaker/less effective on your endgame - Or if you just want a badass OP Aard -, then this mod is for you.

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Aard KnockDown Tweak is a simple mod that makes it
possible to knock down creatures above level 70

-= Versions =-
Available today, on the following versions:

- Normally knockable creatures are now also knockable if over level 70.

- All the features above, plus:
- You can knock every enemy holding a shield.

- All the features above, plus:
- Big* creatures are knockable;
- Aard can knock down at any sign intensity.

*This feature allows the knocking of certain big creatures like Werewolves and Katakans. Many creatures like bosses and giants are still invulnerable to knock down.

-= Installation =-
Simply unpack the desired version into your Witcher 3\Mods folder.