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A mod that tries to balance fist fights events and minigames.

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Ever wish fist fights weren't so ridiculously imbalanced, especially at high difficulty, where the opponents can defeat you in 2 hits and you must hit them like 30 times to win? C'mon, a witcher who destroys giant beasts and monsters doesn't get beaten that easily by commoners. Say no more! Introducing "Improved Fist Fights"! With this mod, I try to balance fist fights for all difficulty settings, by tweaking Geralt's HP and damage during the fights.

Minigame fist fights will now be a lot shorter (cause who wants to play some lame fist fights when we have Gwent and adventuring to do!). Opponents will need about 9-13 hits to beat Geralt, while he'll need 8-14 hits to win, based on difficulty settings (tested on NG and NG+ with Enemy Upscale on; YMMV). Here are some limited data during my testing:

What is changed:

Event FistFights (ie. during Triss's masquerade quest):
NPC's attack: same as vanilla.
Geralt's attack:
matches NPC's fist base attack value (changed from vanilla 5 to 50).
Geralt's HP: same as vanilla. (I believe you use your normal HP during event fist fight, and it's considered a normal enemy battle.)

Minigame FistFights (the one where you challenge people):
NPC's attack:
same as vanilla.
Geralt's attack: 2x stronger (changed from vanilla 150 to 300).
Geralt's HP: variable and greatly increased, based on game difficulty (no longer just fixed 2000 like vanilla).

(Don't worry, the HP will revert to normal after the fist fight is done.)

To install, simply extract the archive into the root of your Witcher 3 installation folder. Or move modImprovedFistFightNGE into your "mods" folder.

This mod modifies the following:

So make sure to merge scripts AND bundled-texts, or it won't work.