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The long-anticipated sequel to 2015's Roaming Witcher's Armor

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After three years of promises, excuses, and other formalities (and an exactly 3000-mod upload-gap), I, 4Strings, procrastinator-in-chief, finally present to you, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Vampires…


The sequel to the world-renowned (for its complete broken-ness)
Roaming Witcher’s Armor


Utilizing the best W3 modding tools available – no thanks to CDPR, and with mountains of thanks to the hard-working MODDERS who painstakingly pieced together and reverse engineered the game – this mod is the fulfillment of my four-year journey to replicate this fan-created image in-game while causing minimal interference with other assets.
This mod is a slimmed-down and streamlined “update” to RWA and contains (for now) a single complete witcher set comprised of armor, trousers, boots, gloves, and a steel and silver sword. The items have stats somewhere between their superior and mastercrafted counterparts (maybe a tad closer to mastercrafted) and can be obtained, in true RWA fashion, by completing the two master craftsmen quests in Velen/Novigrad “Master Armorers” and “Of Swords and Dumplings”.

While this mod alters substantially fewer vanilla game assets than RWA, we are still restricted by the inability to modify .redcloth files, which are essentially fabric models for things like the “dress” of the Ursine armor, and which is the reason that RWA broke after the 1.30 Update, when CDPR added that restriction (thanks, CDPR).



Because of these limitations (and some personal preferences),the primary version of this mod requires installing thin_o_vintage’s “The Berserker - Unofficial Concept Art Ursine Armour” (v15) and Reaper et al’s “Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition” (v4.93, so if you have an earlier version of W3EE installed, please update it), in addition to HoS, BaW, and all the free DLCs.

There is also a "Vanilla Edition" available under the optional files section that does not require any additional mods as well as a "Non-W3EE Edition" that does not require installing the Enhanced Edition mod but keeps the dark gray textures and does require The Berserker mod or similar.
These alternative versions undergo only minimal testing so there might be a few bugs. If you find a bug, please report it in the bugs section.

Note that there there is currently no plan to make a "short skirt" version of this mod, so please don't ask for one.

This mod must be installed manually and failing to do so will result in the mod breaking.

To install the mod, download the .7z file of the Edition of your choice and extract the contents of the "DLC" and "Mods" folders in the archive into the "dlc" and "mods" directories, respectively, located in your root Witcher 3 installation directory.

Once installed, create a “mods.settings” file (basically a .txt file with the extension changed) in your “Documents\The Witcher 3” folder and set the priority of mod_blaviken higher than W3EEMain if using the Primary version (don’t worry, the only conflicting file between the two is the rewards settings for the craftsmen quests, nothing else is changed) and lower than The Berseker mod (or similar).

This mod does not rely on and scripts, so there is NO NEED to use Script Merger on it.

To update the mod, delete the blaviken and mod_blaviken folders form your DLC and MODS directories, respectively, and repeat the installation process with the new version.

To uninstall the mod, load your current save in-game, unequip both the armor and weapons, save and quit, and then delete the two folders from your DLC and MODS directories.


I’d like to give huge thanks to
KBtheKiller14, Bartekwsade, LordMazour, and Asthat for providing the Portuguese, Polish, Czech, and German translations, respectively, to Reaperrz  for his improved W3EE-compatible armor and sword stats (and for featuring the set on the W3EE mod page), and to all the wonderful people who’ve spent the last five years picking apart the game in an attempt to create the modding tools W3 deserves (and that CDPR promised), especially the team behind WolvenKit and rmemr for his W3StringsEncoder.

I’d also like to thank
the (mostly fantastic) group of people on the Witcher 3 modding Community Discord server for putting up with my incessant questions over the past years.

Finally, I want to thank all the die-hard RWA fans here on Nexus who’ve patiently waited for over three years for an update and haven’t given up on this project.

Now for the unpleasant stuff…
The assets used in this mod are my own creations (unless explicitly credited to others) and cannot be used by ANYONE FOR ANY REASON without explicit written permission from me. This includes uncooking the mod and reusing textures, meshes, or entities in their own mods or in order to merge with other mods to circumvent the game’s mod limit, which can be bypassed using sedmelluq’s excellent Mod Limit Fix tool.

Re-uploading this mod onto other sites is also NOT PERMITTED.
Featuring the mod on YouTube, social media, etc. is permitted as long as credit is properly given and a link to the Nexus page is included in the feature.

The mod is currently localized in English, Portuguese, and Polish, but translation submissions are welcome. If you would like to provide a translation for this mod, SEND IT TO ME VIA DM and I will add it to the mod, DO NOT UPLOAD SEPARATE “TRANSLATION” VERSIONS.


Main version/Vanilla regular game:

Vanilla NGP:

*works on console