The Witcher 3
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This mod makes Winter's blade, Fate and Hjalmar sword really useful.

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I feel bad when such an important character as Crach or Hjalmar gives me a legendary item like winter's blade but the sword it's just not useful to me, I think that such legendary items deserve more importance, also the swords have really cool designs.

In my opinion the freeze effect is the colest of all effects cuz it looks amazing in battle, well now you really feel like you are using winter's blade cuz it has 85% chance to freeze the enemy with a hit and has frost damage among other stats same goes for Fate so you can use the freezing combo steel and silver,the three swords have 3 runeslots, I set the freezing chance to 85% so you can equip three greater zoria runestones to reach the 100%.

Hjalmar sword has different stats it's based on adrenaline and critical damage among other stats to make honor to its name.
you can see the complete stats on the pictures (the base damage depends of your level when you get the swords it wasn't modified).

the three swords now use the red scabbards from the wolf gear cuz they look a lot better, and their prices have been modified now the three swords worth a lot of coin cuz everyone wants to buy such legendary items.

if you use another mod that modifies relic weapons (only base game not DLC) you will probably have mod conflicts and you will need to merge them if you don't well you don't have to do anything.

have fun.

to install the mod just unzip the rar and drag the file into your mods folder.

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