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Escaping the cage - minimal proof-of-concept showcase for new quests with a custom new hub made with radish modding tools.

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Since it's a proof-of-concept there is really nothing to spoiler so here is the *full* quest as video:

This mod was used as one of the tests to work out an easy, seamless installation of new quest mods that include custom hubs. As of now for mod users it is only required to have a current version of the bootstrap (v0.4.1+) mod installed as a prerequisite.

You can try the quest for yourself and check if your bootstrap installation works as expected. However.. it is only a proof-of-concept: you will be stuck in the new hub afterwards.


Prerequisite: install bootstrap mod and make sure it works.

Then, Just unzip package into your witcher game directory (so dlc folder content from package goes into witcher 3/dlc folder and mod folder content from package goes into witcher 3/mod folder)


Remove the dlc/dlcHubtest  and the mods/modHubTest folders from your witcher game directory.

Infos for mod authors

If your mod has a patched worldmap or changes script you can check with this quest if the worldmap is working as expected. The files sections contains the patched *vanilla* panel_worldmap.redswf supporting custom hubs as used in the bootstrap mod. You can use it as a base for your patches and test with this quest afterwards (play and check as in the video above).

The full "source files" of this quest mod are posted as example project on the radish modding tools page in the files section.

@erxv for testing

made with radish modding tools and official Witcher 3 ModKit by CD Projekt Red