The Witcher 3
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Adds a magic cane (shepherd's stick) as a weapon for Geralt.

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They say no witcher has ever died in his bed, and that a witcher takes pride in his trade. 

This is adds the shepherd's stick as a weapon with augments towards sign intensity. As a (pseudo) mage staff, this works visually well with menschfeind13's Magic Spells for Signs, particularly with "The Sword Ring" spell from that mod, which was the inspiration for this mod. The glow effect on the cane when casting quen, like in the image tab, is achieved with the "Conductor of Magic" perk. 

  1. Simply unzip and copy 'dlcmagestaff' into 'DLC' folder

How to Acquire:
  • Can be purchased from Hattori's shop
  • or use console commands > additem('dlcmagestaff')

  • +200% Sign Intensity
  • +(50 - 100) % Aard, Yrden, Igni and Quen Intensity (values generated randomly)
  • + other randomly generated effects, such as armour piercing, poisoning, etc.
  • Damage and level should scale with player's level, regardless of NG+ or not, similarly to standard relic weapons. when the weapon's damage stats gets too low as you progress in levels, you can just simply repurchase a "better" version from Hattori when its available or respawn the weapon to rescale to your level with console commands (as below)
    1. unequip weapon
    2. use console commands > removeitem('dlcmagestaff')
    3. Then add it back in > additem('dlcmagestaff')

Useful guides:
Just including them here as reference and credit for their excellent guide