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Little tweak that moves the HUD further into the corners.
These settings are for a 1920x1080p

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FPSRazR has made an improved version of this which moves all aspects to the corner.
See here

The comments section on my mod page may be helpful for finding your resolution settings but I would advise you to head on over to FPSRazR's mod and use that one. My mod is superceded by his.

Cornered HUD

Little tweak that moves the HUD further into the corners. These settings are for a 1920x1080p monitor.


I have uploaded a my User.Settings file with these changes already applied, for those not comfortable editing files

Umrar and pop it in the following folder:

My Documents/The Witcher 3/


Don't change "Rescale HUD" in the ingame options menu or the above changes will be lost.

You will probably have to redo your "HUD Configuration" and Video setting in the ingame menu (unless, by some coincidence, you happen to have gone with the same settings as me)

=========Manual Installation/DIY=============

For those with already edited the User.Settings file open it and press CTRL+F and type in "uiVerticalFrameScale" (without quotation marks)

Change uiVerticalFrameScale from 1 to 1.0650
Change uiHorizontalFrameScale from 1 to 1.0375

For other resolutions you'll have to experiment. Some suggested values in the comments section.