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Fixes the Metabolism Boosts perk to do what it is supposed to do.

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The Metabolism Boosts perk does not work correctly in the Vanilla game version. The perk only works if Geralt has enough toxicity to drink the selected potion anyway, so it does not help to drink an additional potion. Also whenever it DOES trigger, it successfully reduces the toxicity of a potion but does not use up any adrenaline points to do so. Therefore it can quickly become overpowered.

How it works:

This patch makes the perk work as intended. If you have enough toxicity to spare it does nothing. But like the perk that lets you cast signs with APs when needed, this now reduces the toxicity when you need it. So if you are already maxed out, it will use APs to reduced the toxicity and let you drink the potion anyway.

It always uses up all your current AP if those are enough to reduce the toxicity of the potion to a level that allows you to drink it. But if one would have been enough, but you have 3 AP, it uses up all three and reduces the toxicity of the potion to 0.

The perk should now be properly balanced since you will still first max out on toxicity before being able to use it. So unless you have maxed out your resistance, you will still poison Geralt. Also it will take time to build up APs again, so drinking infinite amounts of potions is not trivial, even with a specialized adrenaline build.

Compatible with 1.31

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Download manually and unpack "modMetabolismBoostPatch" folder to Witcher 3 game directory/mods folder (example D:\Games\The Witcher 3\mods). If mods folder does not exist, create it.