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A genuinely natural and bright mediterranean Toussaint (or Southern France/Northern Italy).

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Poppy Toussaint: Crisp & Green Reshade

The amount of detail that went into creating the mediterranean area of Toussaint is astonishing. The scenery is splendid and far from being pure fantasy, it gives a genuine southern European vibe during hot summer months. The yellow is overwhelming, though. This is my attempt at doing away with the yellow filter and the deep yellow saturation that has seeped into every aspect of the map's lighting. For that reason, one of the pre-requirements of this reshade is Clear Lighting Toussaint.

The preset works for Toussaint only. 
When you get to the area, just switch it on from the reshade menu and voila!

As my personal recommendation, consider switching on Ambient Light at sunsets (default key: Delete) and if you feel like the happy colour schematics are just a little bit overwhelming when you are feeling moody, hit that Vibrances shader off (default key: F3).


1. Download Reshade 3.4.1 and install, saying yes to the following effects:

  • AmbientLight
  • Bloom
  • Border
  • FilmGrain2
  • FilmicPass
  • FXAA
  • GaussianBlur
  • Levels
  • LiftGammaGain
  • Technicolor
  • Technicolor2
  • Tonemap
  • Vibrance

2. Download the reshade file from Nexus.

3. Install all the files in the mod folder into your Witcher3.exe folder, overwriting all reshade shaders when prompted.

(IMPORTANT: IF, and only IF, you have a shader called fakeHDR in your shaders folder (for example, when not doing a clean install of Reshade) - delete it. You should have only 1 HDR shader in your shaders folder, or you get a super dark reshade once you decide to turn it on.)

4. In-game, open the reshade menu via 'Shift + F2'. 

5. Select the 'Toussaint' preset and take a look at the key bindings. Change the key bindings, if you wish.


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- DaftPope -