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Please note that from now on, i'll be removing posts regarding script compilation errors. If they occur to you, there's 50% chance that
you haven't set-up your mod scripts properly and 49.99% chance that you
have mod conflict. Remainder 0.01% chance is actually issues caused by
the mod itself.
If your game fails to launch with ANY script mod then refer to THIS thread, if the game fails to launch only with one script mod in
particular, then there's high chance of a mod conflict. In each case, do
some googling, posts section is NOT the place for repeating same
problems and solutions over and over again and as such all future posts
regarding script issues will be removed unless they are caused by mod
actually being faulty.

This is a simple mod which adds a new console command, install by unzipping into Witcher 3\Mods folder and adding appropriate entries to your mods.settings file.

Warning about possible mod conflict!
As of 1.10 this mod also modifies and, which may cause possible conflicts with other mods that modify this file.


Download the mod and unzip it, put "modSpawnCompanions" folder into your Witcher 3 installation folder\Mods.
Then go to MyDocuments\Witcher 3 and open or create Mods.settings file (make sure it's not Mods.settings.txt!) and add following lines:


Usage is similar to "spawn command", general structure of the command is:
SpawnCompanion(Name, show health on hud(optional), set npc to be immortal(optional))
SpawnCompanion(Cirilla, 1, 1, 1) - Spawn immortal Ciri and show her health on our hud and nametag above her head.
SpawnCompanion(Cirilla, 0, 0, 0) or SpawnCompanion(Cirilla) - Spawn mortal Ciri and dont' display her health on our hud and don't display her nametag.
You can remove your companion at any time using RemoveCompanion, if you wish to teleport him closer to you, use CallCompanion.
Additionally, you can force your companion to equip torch with CompanionEquipTorch and to light it using CompanionLightTorch.

As of 1.008, besides NPCs spawnable using "spawn" command, following NPCs are spawnable as companions (and companions only):
  • Lambert
  • Eskel
  • Ves
  • CKid -< young Cirilla
  • DemonWitcher <- Mad Kiyan

Usage does not differ, for eg use SpawnCompanion(CKid) to spawn child Ciri.

This obviously means you also need to have console enabler installed and working!

1.10 changelog:
  • Improved compatibility with other mods (but it's still not guaranteed as long as you use other mods that make changes to or

If you wish to thank me for my work by dropping a donation via paypal, please contact me for details.