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Replaces the clicking sound when highlighting dialogue options and menu buttons with sweet silence.

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I never understood why CDPR thought it to be a good idea to play a clicking sound whenever you hover over an option during dialogues. It results in constant clicking in the background every time Geralt is about to say something. Maybe snipping his finger is Geralt's secret ritual when thinking about a clever one-liner.

Overall, that damn sound just became so annoying to me that I went through hell to find a non-script solution for the problem.

10 hours and some grey hair later, I have successfully silenced that unholy noise.

  • Silences the sound that you hear when hovering over dialogue options and menu buttons.

  • Compatible with "Quiet".
  • Compatible with every scriptmod.
  • "Quest Complete Toss a Coin" by avarwig45 has a compatible version on their page. (my mod is not needed if you use it)
  • Not compatible with mods that directly replace the gui soundbank. In the worst case, one of the mods overwrites the other.

  • Replaces sound entry "03815c9c" in soundbank "gui.bnk" with a silent soundfile.
  • Method used: Searching for obscure tutorials to edit .bnk-files without CDPR's Wwise source files, downloading a bunch virus-infected software and finally using a combination of Wwise, wwise_ima_adpcm, SoundFileEditor, Audacity, Divinity Sound Converter, bnkextr, quickbms and Witcher 3 Sound Editing Tools.

Install it like any other mod into "<game dir>/Mods/..."

Always remember to have a nice day!