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Replaces the clicking sound when highlighting dialogue options and menu buttons with sweet silence.

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Updated for Next-Gen: This mod uses scripts now. (I keep the old non-script version available for legacy support)

Arbitrary Text

I never understood why CDPR thought it to be a good idea to play a clicking sound whenever you hover over an option during dialogues. It results in constant clicking in the background every time Geralt is about to say something. Maybe snipping his finger is Geralt's secret ritual when thinking about a clever one-liner.

This became so annoying to me, that I decided to learn modding TW3. Thanks CDPR.

With this mod, the clicking sound doesn't play anymore in 99% of the cases.


Script Version (2.x):
  • Made for Next-Gen Update
  • Probably compatible with everything, if merged (other mods can still play the sound if they bypass the base scripts)
  • Modifies and (alternative version for hud only; including dialogues)

Non-Script Version (1.x):
  • Not compatible with Next-Gen (let me know if there is any demand for it over the script version)
  • Compatible with "Quiet"
  • "Quest Complete Toss a Coin" has a compatible version on their page
  • Has an alternative version that silences scrolling sounds as well

Technical Stuff

The old (Non-Script) version replaces sound entry "03815c9c" in soundbank "gui.bnk" with a silent soundfile. It was created with the help of Wwise, wwise_ima_adpcm, SoundFileEditor, Audacity, Divinity Sound Converter, bnkextr, quickbms and Witcher 3 Sound Editing Tools.

The new (Script) version simply tells the game to not play the sound "gui_global_highlight" in hudModuleBase and menuBase.

Install it like any other mod into "<game dir>/Mods/..."

Always remember to have a nice day!